Tungsten Carbide Gritted Hole Saw

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  • Tungsten Carbide Gritted Hole Saw with YG8 perfect for hole cutting through ceramic, tiles, plastic, fiberboard, fiberglass, and plywood clean , smooth and high precision

    Height is 2-9/16"(65mm)

    With max cutting depth 2-1/4"(57mm) Particularly for ceramices and red tiles

    Diameter from 33mm to113mm

    Aluminium Plate and Pilot drill bit should be fixed with hole saws as well as cutting

    Can not be used for cutting stone , conceret, marble and other hard material.

    Picture Item Number Hole Saw Diameter Comment
    inch mm
    TCG-03033 1-1/4 33  
    TCG-03043 1-3/4 43  
    TCG-03053 2-1/8 53  
    TCG-03063 2-1/2 63  
    TCG-03067 2-5/8 67  
    TCG-03073 2-7/8 73  
    TCG-03083 3-1/4 83  
    TCG-03093 3-5/8 93  
    TCG-030103 4 103  
    TCG-030113 4-1/2 113  
    TCA-001 Aluminium Plate 4pc Fit for hole saw 33-83mm
    TCA-002 Aluminium Plate 6pc Fit for hole saw 33-83mm
    TCA-003 Aluminium Plate 33-103mm Fit for hole saw 33-103mm
    TCA-004 Aluminium Plate 73-113mm Fit for hole saw 73-113mm
    TCD-001 Pilot Drill Bit 140mm Fit for all Aluminum Plates